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Ruide's Cross-linkable ETFE Materials Successfully Passed AVIC’s Appraisal

On January 19, the 100% domestic cross-linkable ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (XL-ETFE) material independently developed by Ruide passed the review and appraisal of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

On the same day, a review meeting for the RCLE-CCA model XL-ETFE material was held by the AVIC expert team at Ruide. The company’s related project members delivered a detailed presentation of the R&D of the material to the team, and had an in-depth discussion with the experts regarding the R&D summary previously submitted. The review team also visited the production site. After a series of review and inspection, RCLE-CCA XL-ETFE material has gained the recognition of the team, and successfully passed the appraisal of AVIC.

Review Meeting


Production Site Inspection

Ruide began to study imported XL-ETFE cables and materials in 2009 and successfully broke the long-term monopoly of foreign countries after years of independent research and development. Ruide’s XL-ETFE materials, which are comparable to imported products and has excellent process performance, have passed the performance tests of the national authority organizations, and have been continuously supplied to a number of cable companies.

Till 2017, Ruide has completed all the R&D of the production of cross-linkable materials with imported ETFE base materials, determined the formula, equipment, processing procedure and conditions, and established a production line with an annual production capacity of 200 tons and other supporting test conditions, ensuring sustainable and stable mass production supply.

Ruide’s XL-ETFE Material

In recent years, with the requirements of localization in the aerospace field, Ruide has participated in a number of key projects of material localization of customers such as AVIC, carrying out R&D such as imported material analysis, formula system research, domestic raw material screening, processing technology research, material performance testing, etc., and has established a production capacity of 600 tons/year and its supporting analysis and evaluation system and production management system. Multiple batches of products of satisfying quality, including XL-ETFE, flexible XL-ETFE, XL-ETFE with low fluoride offgassing and conductive XL-ETFE, as well as 100% domestic XL-ETFE and various color masterbatches, have been provided to multiple customers.
The passing of the review and appraisal of AVIC is another proof of the performance and quality of Ruide’s XL-ETFE materials as well as the company’s R&D capability. In the future, Ruide will continue to strengthen the cooperation with customers, continue to increase investment in R&D, and make unremitting efforts to meet the requirements of customers and the market.