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Ruide & SCNU’s R&D Project Passed Annual Assessment

On February 5, the project of Aerospace Cross-linkable ETFE Industrialization, which is cooperated by Ruide and Professor Wang Qianming's research team of South China Normal University(SCNU),  successfully passed the annual assessment in the Project of Introduction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team Project of Shunde District, Foshan City.

The project aims to realize the industrialization of high-performance insulating materials for aerospace by improving the processing performance of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer (ETFE), promote the localization of key materials in China, as well as attract more aerospace related enterprises and talents to start their business in Shunde, enhancing vitality of Foshan's economic development.

Report on Project Achievements


Up to date, the project has applied for 5 national invention patents, and developed and attracted a number of research professionals with Doctoral or Master’s degrees, overfulfilling the med-term plan.


Product Demonstration


In the annual assessment, the experts from Shunde government conducted a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation of the progress and mid-term outcomes of the project through document review, presentations, Q&A, production site inspection, etc. As a result, Ruide's R&D strength and the achievement of the project was highly appraised by the experts, and the project successfully passed the annual assessment.

In the future, Ruide will continue to deepen its cooperation with the SCNU team, further optimize material properties in order to achieve large-scale production and application at an early date, and promote the development of China's aerospace industry with excellent project R&D results.