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Foamed FEP
  • Foamed FEP

Foamed FEP

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Physically Foamed FEP is often used in low smoke flame-retardant wire or military transmission cable in high temperature.
1.Excellent fluororesin properties, low weight, good flexibility 
2.Lower dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation loss factor, minimum high-frequency signal distortion
3.Low smoke, excellent inflaming retarding, corrosion resistance
4.NFPA 262、UL444。
5.ROHS compliant
Typical Properties                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Product Standard Physically Foamed FEP Test standard
Product no. RPFF-1 RPFF-2 ASTM Test Method
MFI(g/10min) 8-10 25-30 D3307
Specific gravity 2.14±0.02 2.14±0.02 D792
Melting point(℃) 260±2 260±2 D3307
Dielectric constant 
2.0±0.1 2.0±0.1 D150
Dielectric loss factor 
≤6×10-4 ≤6×10-4 D150
Foaming rate(%) Max 60 Max 60 -
thickness(mm) 0.5-1.50 0.15-0.5 -
 These properties are typical dates and not suitable for special applications.
RUIFLON provide kinds of Physically Foamed FEP for your production:
1. CMP fire-resistant cable,thickness 0.15mm—1.50mm
2. CL-2P low capacitance cable,thickness 0.30mm—0.50mm
3. CL-2P coaxial-cable RG59—RG6,thickness 1.27mm—
4. Microwave transmission low loss cable, phase-stable cable