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Foamed FEP Concentrate
  • Foamed FEP Concentrate

Foamed FEP Concentrate

RUIFLON Physically Foamed FEP Concentrate is an ideal material choice of gas injecting extrusion process foamed FEP for coaxial-cable and symmetrical cable.
1. Excellent fluororesin properties, low weight, good flexibility 
2. Lower dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation loss factor of the cable insulation
3. Low smoke, excellent inflaming retarding, corrosion resistance
4. Foamed FEP concentrate makes production more flexible, reduction of production costs
5. UL910、UL444.
6. RoHS compliant

Typical Properties                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Product Standard Physically Foamed FEP Test standard
Product no. RPFF-1 RPFF-2 ASTM Test Method
MFI(g/10min) 8-10 25-30 D2116
Specific gravity 2.14±0.02 2.14±0.02 D792
Melting point(℃) 260±2 260±2 D3418
Dielectric constant 
2.0±0.1 2.0±0.1 D2520
Dielectric loss factor 
≤6×10-4 ≤6×10-4 D2520
Foaming rate(%) Max 60 Max 60 -
thickness(mm) 0.5-1.50 0.15-0.5 -
Suggested appending proportion(%) 8-10 8-10  
These properties are typical dates and not suitable for special applications.
RUIFLON provide kinds of Physically Foamed FEP for your production:
1. CMP fire-resistant cable,wall thickness 0.15mm—1.50mm
2. CL-2P low capacitance cable,wall thickness 0.30mm—0.50mm
3. Coaxial-cable RG59—RG6,wall thickness 1.27mm
4. Microwave transmission low loss cable, phase-stable cable