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Cross Linkable ETFE(XL-ETFE)
  • Cross Linkable ETFE(XL-ETFE)

Cross Linkable ETFE(XL-ETFE)

Item No.: 1
Our cross linkable ETFE can meet the standards of sections 20、21、22、23 in MIL-W-22759(SAE AS 22759),VG 95218 and sections 20,21,22,23 in GJB 773A.
1.Continuous working temperature - 65 °C to + 200 °C
2.Can bear 7-hour cross linking degree test under 300°C
3.Performs well in flammability tests
4.Good corona resistance
5.Outstanding heat,cold,oil,abrasion,ozone and weather resistance
6.Excellent chemical resistance
Typical Properties                                                                                                                              
Spec. Cross Linkable ETFE ASTM Test Method
Procduct Code RCLE-2 -
Melt flow rate(g/10min) 15-20 D3307
Specific gravity(g/cm3) 1.7±0.02 D792
Melting point(℃) 260±2 D3307
Tensile strength(Mpa) 50 D3307
Elongation (%) 300MIN D3307
Limit oxygen index(%) 32 D2863
Above are typical properties values,the data are not suitable for special use.
1.Irradiation crosslinked ETFE one-layer insulation wire,wall thickness 0.10mm—0.15mm
2.Irradiation crosslinked ETFE two-layer insulation wire,wall thickness 0.20mm—0.25mm